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Marrakech Streets 2 Snow snow version

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About This File

"Break into the town, find your way to the lab enterance, steal the documents and make your escape."
"Protect the town and lab from the Allie invasion."
"An abandoned area on the outskirts of Marrakech is being used by the Axis top scientists to test top secret new weaponary. Battle rages through this abandoned area as Allied Special Forces attempt a suprise attack on the town's garrison and try to steal the plans before Axis re-enforcements can arrive." Objectives
Allied objectives


1 "Build the bridge over the barriers and get the tank over to the front gate."
2 "Blow open the town's front gate."
3 "Dynomite the back door."
4 "Steal the documents from the lab."
5 "Escape the town with the documents."
Axis objectives


1 "Don't let the Allies get the tank over the barriers."
2 "Protect the town's front gate."
3 "Secure the back door area."
4 "Prevent the Allies from stealing the documents."
5 "Get the documents back to the lab."