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Map type: OBJ
Map size: Large




Allied Objectives


1. Breach West Gate
2. Breach East Gate
3. Capture the Forward Spawn
4. Steal the Key Card
5. Transit thru the Tank Depot
6. Construct the Command Post
7. Use CP to Change the Team Door
8. Spawn at the CP-Controlled Spawn
9. Deliver Key Card to Cistern
10. Destroy the Cistern Controls


Gameplay Notes


# Map is designed for 12-28 players
# Allies are on offense
# Allies can gain access to the cistern before access card is delivered but cistern controls cannot be blown up unless key card has been capped
# If the allies build the CP, the team door by the Tank Depot becomes accessible to everyone and the allies gain a 5 second respawn advantage
# Once West Gate has been blown, the forward spawn point becomes a permanent allied spawn