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bremen_truckmod Alpha 1

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About This File

Forever, Axis have been complaining that They can't win.


Alpha version: Truck can be damaged, Also: No landmines.


Game : Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Reworked by : Sid & Etch




Allied spies undercovered details of an Axis plan
to transport a fortune in gold to a more secure location.
The Allies have planned an attack to intercept the gold
during its stopover in Bremen.


Axis objectives:
- Stop the Allies from stealing the gold.
- Stop the Allies from destroying the Main Entrance.
- Hold the forward spawn.
- Stop the Allies from constructing a command post, or destroy it if it has been made.
- Be alert, the Allies may attempt attack through a side door. Don't let them satchel the side door.
- Stop the allies from powering up the generator. Defend the keycard.
- Don't let the Allies steal the truck.
- Build the truckbarriers to hinder the Allied escape.


Allied objectives:
- Steal the truck with its load of gold.
- Blow open the Main Entrance to push through the city.
- Take control of the forward spawn.
- Construct the command post to activate a forward spawn.
- Satchel the side door to gain additional access.
- Use the keycard to power up the generator.
- Repair and steal the truck.
- Don't let the Axis hold up the truck with a truck barrier.


Axis 30
Allies 20

What's New in Version Alpha 1


  • Bremen (Final):
  • + added fixes (mapscript & lights)
  • + reworked command map
  • + retextured, looks now like a bombed german city
  • + included a fiting skybox
  • + usage of (fixed) shaders for a better look (terrain, windows, marble floor, vase, etc)
  • + usage of new/changed/fixed textures (windows, wall, gate, floor, truck)
  • + Bremen is now shown on the right place in the campaign map
  • - removed advertisings from the map
  • - removed all unneeded textures and shaders from the pk3
  • = based on beta 2, all custom-made stuff will still work
  • Bremen (Beta 2):
  • + generator icon
  • + lights
  • = door goes through roof
  • = alpha cart wheel
  • = doors chalked on bottom
  • + passage through to generator
  • + more damage to buildings
  • + teamdoor at truck
  • + shell corner of building above door1
  • + window behind desk
  • = close/modify alley
  • = half height tree blocking door-door LOS
  • = break up CP courtyard with trees/bushes
  • = floating windows on building next to allied 1st spawn
  • Bremen (Beta 1):
  • + added allied autospawn change to flag when truck is back in first half
  • = changed building route near allied first spawn
  • - removed spare room near office
  • + added gardens near axis second spawn
  • + added real terrain in cp area
  • + added more props in streets ("prefabed" from grush)
  • = rescaled windows/doors/railings
  • + fixed clipramps added for various doors
  • + fixed railings near CP odd clipping
  • + fixed side door
  • + added crater(s) to terrain for coolness
  • = changed truck, now indestructible (after initial repair)


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