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The final version of Teuthonia has now been released by Teuthis.

=== New Map Features ===

- A second bank entrance has now been created

- There are more obstacles to provide cover at both axis spawns

- There's a new tunnel system

- A new balcony near axis the spawn to allow sniping (but just a bit)

- Texture and script errors have been fixed

- Lots of new models added too

"I do not plan to come up with another version as I wanna close this chapter in order to move on with some new map projects. Nevertheless, I appreciate feedback, either positive or negative, it doesn't matter." - Teuthis



| Objectives:..

| Allies:..

| 1:..Repair the tank

| 2:..Escort the Tank and destroy the tank barriers

| 3:..Escort the Tank into position to blow up the bank door

| 4:..Steal the gold and bring it to a nearby truck

| 5:..Escort the truck

| 6:..Build a Command Post for faster charge times

| 7:..Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post


| Axis:..

| 1:..Prevent the Allies from repairing the tank

| 2:..Build up the tank barriers

| 3:..Prevent the Allies from blowing up the bank door

| 4:..Stop the Allies from stealing the gold

| 5:..Stop the Allies from escaping with the gold

| 6:..Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post

| 7:..Build your Command Post for improved charge times