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Norwegian battery b5


Story: its the late summer of 1943 and the axis are loosing control over the north sea, a new power is growing in the allied forces and they are now aout to attack the german bases in norway as they got good mobility over the north sea. But they need to destroy a battery firts, before they can get closer with their ships.


Mission: the allies must steal a keycard and unlock the doors of the battery.

Then they need to destroy the guncontrols


Special: 2h/a cabinets + totally new section + a target show where the allies must steal and deliver the keycard + there are now 4 entrences to the battery to avoid ultra-camping.



source: http://www.thewolfteam.org/download.php?view.97

What's New in Version (beta 5)


  • Bugs fixed since version b4:
  • *Construct the commandpost x2
  • *better commandmap
  • *shader aradar + ove_terrain is back in pk3
  • *3x z-fighting


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