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About This File

.U ll need to set your own values for
because of rendering issues


.mouse DPI = 1200
windows sensitivity = 6/11


.If your game is still too dark after you exec the autoexec file just adjust your screen gamma(on windows with your gcard settings) till u get it better but its not necessary for some poeple.


.U can also set your own FPS(com_maxfps"value") i myself use 142fps/144hz displayrefresh as u can see on screenshots.


.And finally for sensitivity and other mouse settings in close,medium and long range cfg files
u are free to go there and set values if u want it. But those are mine and they depend on my own gameplay
and ofc how fast i move my mouse on my mousepad.


Feedbacks are welcome!

What's New in Version 1.2


  • map is darker but objects are more visible
  • And its no more a low settings cfg but graphics are set to high!
  • Its for fast enough PCs ofc (but u still can use it and tweak values in game setting options)