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Event: TF2 F|A Game Night

in Community Calendar
Added by DJ aka GDR DJ, 01 Sep 2011

Taking place 03 Sep 2011 05:30 PM (Single Day Event)


TF2 F|A Game Night 5:30 pm EST

For those of you who have it, let's try it again this time with an actual title like someone requested.

7:30 pm EST On Saturday this time, though. Sunday is iffy for most people unless they don't mind it.

Hope we can get the server populated.


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6 Attending


Thanks for creating event DJ. I have changed event to RSVP event so we will be able to see who is attending!
np DD :) we have a new Forum with many new Stuff !!!iI hope we all use this new Stuff :) !!!
Eastern Standard Time (EST) = GMT-5
this correct?
so 7:30pm EST = 12:30 GMT = in afternoon for me :D

and is it FA vs all or what do i expect in a "FA game night" ?
It's more like fun night.. we all play together :)
I'll come if I won't forget about it and if I'm not asleep yet haha :)
Time updated to 5.30 :)
The time is now :)
cool. I'll be there ;)
Well, it's now. So come on down..?