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  1. Hello! And welcome to the forums! Have a great time!
  2. Como tem muitos jogadores de todas as áreas do mundo jogando nos nossos servidores, vou dar um up no tópico para estar disponível em ajudar os brasileiros que visitam e jogam frequentemente o forum e o jogo. Abraços! ________ As there are many players from all areas of the world playing on our servers, I'll give an 'UP' on this topic to be available to help Brazilians who visit the forums and often play the game. See ya!
  3. I don't know what it meas also, but in my opinion if it's used to 'correct the mini-moves or your mouse' so that it gives you an advantage about others players, should be evaluated more cautiously
  4. Hello mate! Welcome to the forums! Enjoy!
  5. Their goalkeeper was broken in game***** Sergio Ramos won that match for Real Madrid, liverpool had to have won it
  6. Wow, that looks awesome! Love Goldrush and I am really excited to try it! Thank you!
  7. @Vindstot I yawned 20 times in 3:20 min. lol
  8. LoL, you guys travel so much! Brazil (live here) USA 1x
  9. My English is not one of the best, sometimes I do not communicate because of it. But I always knew that the FA family was there with its members, leaders, players, and as soon as I met I wanted to be a part of it all. I owe my congratulations to those responsible for maintaining everything. Everyone who started and gave continuity so that today, I would come back and find all this here and even better! Both the game and the players have been part of my life, even I do not talk much, but I recognize everyone who made/make part of the history of the game. Thanks man, here in Brazil lacks th
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