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Strength, Weakness, Dedication.




Strength, Weakness, Dedication. 

Three simple words that define a human being, both mentally and internally. Why? It's what you've got deep down inside that shows.


    Everyday is another chance to climb to success. The question is, how will you get there? I'll tell you one thing, you sure as hell won't do it by sleeping in or lowering your standards. Take it in an aspect of, "If I don't drag my ass out of bed, someone's gonna take my spot". That spot can be anything from football, work, or just life in a general aspect. The thing is, you have to differentiate someone taking your spot, as to taking someone else's. Every rep, every minute, every chance matters, so take it like it truly counts. Don't wuss out just because you are afraid of something, get the job done or else you never will. There comes a later time in life for work ethic, but you need to build it now. It is called Preparation. Here at my high school, we practice four times a week for football (not including weight room sessions), just to play one game. Sounds crazy right? Thursday or Friday night lights is where Preparation reflects on who you are as a team, your accountability for one another. Preparation is only the first phase, you have a million other things to focus on. Are you going to let yourself skip a rep, or give up, just because you are tired? Hell no. I had to tell a friend in the weight room to get his stuff together after he was acting like a total drama queen because we had to do another whole set of lifts, saying he could not do it. Did he end up finishing strong? Damn right. Would he have held himself to high standards if I was not there? Probably not. Tying back to what was said in the beginning, every rep matters. I SMILE when we have another set to do, because it is another opportunity to get better, have another stream of sweat run down your face.  You see yourself winning, but others do not want to see you winning. For example, I've got a friend who tries to bring me down, because he knows I am coming to take his spot. I am working harder, more, and better than him. USE those people as motivation, keep pushing no matter what. Don't show weakness, that only makes you look worse. Don't let the coaches see you struggle on a rep, get that bar up so fast that it looks like lightweight, show some strength for once. Dedication plays a role in everything in your life. I AM dedicated as a football player, to my team, to myself, and to my academic's. I am a straight A's student because I come to school with the dedication for my life in the future and getting into a good college. I don't really want to get up at 6:30 every morning to lift with the JV and Varsity players, considering it is not mandatory for us freshman. I do it for the team, myself, and my future. What are you going to do?


I work my ass off everyday in that weight room, it is grind season, so get after it.

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Success. I believe everyone wants success.
But wait a second, what is success? How do you know when you have reached it? Is it having a well-paying carrier where you are leading your company into more and more "profitable" years? Is it being a well-known and well-respected sportsman with many wins behind yourself? Is it having a loving family with nice children who could achieve, with your guidance, what You couldn't? Or is it just being happy? Hell if I know the answer for it! Decide it for yourself if you wish.
Every second can be a turning point in your life. You dont know it before when will you make difficult decisions, which will have lasting effects on your life. If you want to achieve something, you will not, if you miss opportunities that present themselves. You can "play" life safe, miss opportunities it gives, deny taking risks, but then you will only "survive" life.


There are some ways how to live a "successful" life, I can mention a few.
You excell in sport. If you have good physique, love sport, or just dedicated yourself to be successful in there.
You are smart. If you are very good in at least one field, find a carrier opportunity there, and build up your carrier there, become respected among colleagues, thats also a way earn success. (Maybe even write history)
You have loving family, friends. Humans are social creatures. Some would consider being loved and call yourself successful as that to be a modest goal, but it doesnt mean its of less quality.
You dont give a shit. Some people are very happy in their life, as they couldnt care less about anything, no expectations about life, live from day to day (carpe diem), and anything is good for them. Sadly, in my own life I see people like this, and I would say, its hard to find people happier than them. But for everyone around, its bad


What you want from life, is up to you. You define your own success in life.


Oh and SonofDoc, wish you success in your sports ^_^

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