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Woke up this morning. It was raining. Started out as a normal day. Inventoried 10,000 repair parts with associated storage locations for the inspection next week. Got a hair cut. Came home and found a burning bag of shit had exploded everywhere as soon as I got online. Holy.... f***..... that just happened. I dont know everything. I wont claim to know, that isnt my place, my call, my fight. Damn. I went to sleep thinking progress had been made, yet it was more so reverted to draconian/ stone age measures. Oh well. I can't judge, I'm not in that position. I remained unbiased through the events which unfolded and presented themselves. I'll stay unbiased. No taking sides. Taking a side means you've given up on the other. I prefer to sit back. Some say that's cowardly. I say that sitting back is the only way. See the field. Watch everything come together and drift apart. Find common denominators. Experience the variables. I prefer to feel the winds of change and see what happens. There is a saying I want yall to remember, (and yes i said yall, i noticed there are multiple people who read these little posts), that saying is: Experience is knowledge gained one second too late. It's kinda related to the other saying more commonly known: My personal experience is... (this saying is typically a preface to a bad experience or a hold my beer moment). This has been one hell of a Tuesday. Definitely one of the lesser enjoyable ones. I apologize to those of you who have become wrapped up in all this. Wish I could have done more to prevent such things. I sat back too long instead of voicing my concerns in time. Shit happens. It always does. Time to blow off some steam.

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"No taking sides. Taking a side means you've given up on the other." I really like this part. Amen to that
Also, tuesdays always seem to suck.. Time to sit back and see the field

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