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Making progress.



Alright folks. A little tidbit of advice. If progress is desired, and by progress I mean mutually beneficial success, there is but one integral variable to the equation. That variable is communication. Without communication there is not a chance in hell anything can move forward. Maintain professionalism, maintain poise, and above all, maintain an open mind. It is difficult to hear and accept other's opinions/train-of-thought. I'm not suggesting you alter the way you feel about something, that isn't the objective. The goal for communication is to adequately express one's expectations/ thoughts, so that whomever it concerns can mull it over and find some sort of common ground. Even if there isn't common ground found right away and the parties end up disagreeing, it could prove critical later on. Always always always trust in communication, and if direct communication is less favorable due to emotional investment, find a moderator and utilize them in a professional manner. This tool is paramount to success and progress. Without communication things get out of hand and nobody knows what/where/when/who/why/how things are supposed to be. Never lose sight of bettering one's self and the others around you. Be better.

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