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Thought #3 Rocket League



Ok so i bought rocket league yesterday. Its a game where play football with cars. Sounds weird but surprisingly enough it actually worked out. Ill list a few pros and cons plus my final opinion about the game.




- Smooth movement
- Good graphics
- Easy to learn, hard to master
- Fast gameplay, you've got no time to relax
- Cross-platform
- Nice community




- Camera movement
- No penalty's for leaving games (i've played multiple matches 1v2 or 1v3 (in normal games bots get put in tho))


Alright these are the ones i could come up with right now. Overall its a great game. i'd give it around an 8/10. If you got any more questions about the game feel free to ask. And if someone here bought it and wants to play, feel free to add me on steam. And i dont think you need to be either a football lover or car lover to love this game :P

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Camera movement can be adjusted and it becomes part of your game play. As I come up on the ball, I turn off ball mode so I can control where I am looking. This helps a lot on approach, making so the auto camera doesn't screw you up. I also turned up FOV up as high as it goes, which helped a ton. I agree though, very good game and a nice change of pace for FPS type games I normally play.

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what's your alias on rocket league? I play it too, on PS4, but I believe PS4 and PC players can face each others

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