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I still presenting ...




Hello colleagues,

I know the W: ET for a long time, like the game since the year 2000. Although known him so long, I never learned much about the game as in recent months. I have great difficulty with English, so I'm sure I made some mistakes, especially with regard to communication. I must have left a very bad impression. I am Brazilian, I like to interact with people, and how I do not understand much English, there is much less understood weeks ago, I simply ignored what they said, well, I must have seemed arrogant and pushy with my orders' Disable the dynamite! ',' do this' and 'do that'. I thought I was helping, without realizing that I related with people more experienced than me in the game.

I believe it has counted heavily against my image on the server.

But now, I have devoted myself to study more and read what my friends say NOQ # 2, I realize how much I missed them. Here is my apology and request for your understanding, Portuguese is a language very peculiar, and my culture tolerates certain things that surely Europeans tolerate less.

Like server NOQ # 2 because of its administrators and its users, much more polite and friendly than others we have attended.

I will continue dedicating myself to both the server and the forum in the manner and amount as you can. I just hope they manage to continue with the our community and our camaraderie.


Count me in that I can help.


Brazilians, devote themselves to the study of English, it worth.

Good Luck! And join the fun.



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I must be honest and say I was one of the people thinking you were an arrogant ****.

You seemed to be ignoring everything we tried telling you like "please no stacking" and "try not using the flamer every single map".

We never got any response and it did irritate me a bit to be honest.

We then found out a short while back that you had some problems with English.

You then started trying to communicate. We might not always have understood you :), but the only way to improve is to keep talking.

Lately you have been eager to keep teams even and even starting using other weapons :)

Keep up trying to communicate. Most of us have trouble with English from time to time so you are not alone.

NQ2 is such a small server so we do appreciate you playing there - especially now that you try to help with keeping teams even.


So keep up the good work!



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