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  1. I knew it! Ok, let's do a quick one... 1. Night maps are too dark for my old eyes. 2. I prefer voting, but will not get too turned off by rotation. 3. If voting stays - hunt should stay. 4. 3 rounds sounds like a smart move 5. Could be fun. Besides - anything to stop Kevs camping. 6. Either way is fine by me. I don't seem to get any better with bigger guns anyway. /Ooops
  2. Server changed to PvP for Gameday or is this a permanent change
  3. Hey mate! How are you? :) Are you guys still playing ET? Haven't seen you (and Ado, Olu, Almie...) there for ages, even longer than always-something-to-do-Plat! ;) Delete that Insurgency stuff, my PC is too slow for it... and ET is legendary dude! :D

  4. Thanks guys! Next year you are all most welcome to join me in celebrating the day on our Insurgency server
  5. Ooops

    What about Punk?

    Sham 69 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOmN3jXL5OU
  6. And the banter just took a turn for the worse Great to have ya back Rop! Too bad you forgot how to aim.
  7. I'm not talking to you unless you come back to ET! Happy b-day tho
  8. Sorry to jump in with a non-romantic post ASCII code 143 Å 134 å 146 Æ 145 æ 157 Ø 155 ø
  9. Ooops


    Since Almies intro was so short please feel free to contact me for more info Welcome Almie
  10. Having maps change according to the number of players is a great idea. However removing map voting might not be such a great idea. Even if we get new maps there are for sure going to be maps a lot of ppl do not like. Having the voting option at least gives us a chance to avoid the 'worst' maps. Now... combining the map voting with the possibility to vote for larger maps when more players are on.... That would be a stroke of genius.
  11. I am up for any and all new maps. Some great ones suggested in the old thread. Soon i think we need to start discussing settings. Like adren, double jump, friendly fire etc. If we want to keep them like they are on NQ3 we always have NQ2 that we can 'fine tune'.
  12. Ooops


    Nice to see you taking the step to join the forum Ploff. Don't worry too much about not being a forum guy. There are quite a few of us feeling the same. However I am pretty sure you will find some topics that you feel you want to contribute to as time passes. And even if you don't post too much in the beginning I do recommend browsing thru the forum tho'. There are some hilarious post waiting to be discovered See you on NQ3! /Ooops
  13. I go away for a week and get back to lots of new maps. Maybe I need to go away more often
  14. Wasn't me Kepar. You know I have no idea about how to get colors in my name. Just ask D..X. But I have seen the Fluffy Bunny around. What a pro! /Ooops

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