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I still presenting ...

Hello colleagues,

I know the W: ET for a long time, like the game since the year 2000. Although known him so long, I never learned much about the game as in recent months. I have great difficulty with English, so I'm sure I made some mistakes, especially with regard to communication. I must have left a very bad impression. I am Brazilian, I like to interact with people, and how I do not understand much English, there is much less understood weeks ago, I simply ignored what they said, well, I must have seemed arrogant and pushy with my orders' Disable the dynamite! ',' do this' and 'do that'. I thought I was helping, without realizing that I related with people more experienced than me in the game.

I believe it has counted heavily against my image on the server.

But now, I have devoted myself to study more and read what my friends say NOQ # 2, I realize how much I missed them. Here is my apology and request for your understanding, Portuguese is a language very peculiar, and my culture tolerates certain things that surely Europeans tolerate less.

Like server NOQ # 2 because of its administrators and its users, much more polite and friendly than others we have attended.

I will continue dedicating myself to both the server and the forum in the manner and amount as you can. I just hope they manage to continue with the our community and our camaraderie.


Count me in that I can help.


Brazilians, devote themselves to the study of English, it worth.

Good Luck! And join the fun.


In portuguese:


Eu tive que seguir um caminho árduo para chegar até aqui. E ainda tenho muito o que fazer para conseguir ser aceito como um =F|A=.

Procure informaçãos sobre requisições (apply) para aderir ao grupo, isso vai facilitar muito sua adesão.


Google Translator:


I had to follow a hard path to get here. And I still have lots to do to get itself accepted as a = F | A =.

Seek Info on Apply to join the group, it will greatly facilitate its accession.


Good luck!

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