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Mytime spent offline




So not to long ago I lost my father in law. He was sitting in his living room watching tv with his girlfriend, started to feel bad and went outside to get some air. Right after he walked back inside, he collapsed to the floor hitting his head on the coffee table. We were notified about 7 hours later that this happened and it was ruled out to be heart complications.

While dealing with my father in laws, I was also dealing withh an chest infection that was causing me to have bad chest pains, very short breath and panic attacks. I was sick enough to be in the hospital 7 times within like 2 weeks, it was all bad lol. Now since the chest and muscle pains are gone, i can finally return to my f/a friends and play again.

As for an unepected event.... Me and my ol' lady has split up. She was the most amazing woman in the world and ive lost her. Maybe its the stress of losing her father and only having 1 sister left. Idk, it's just funny how life works. One minute everything is beautiful and then it just turns into h*ll. I am just happy to at least have had her in my life even just for the few years we were together.

I know Im not the best writer, but this is just something i needed to do.



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"Shared pain may lessen the pain." Somebody said that, some time or other, and you shared yours with us.


Half-way through your message, after reading about your Father-in-law and then about you being so sick, I had the thought, "his woman must have been going out of her mind!"


Deaths in the family do sometimes break couples apart. I can only hope that there is a hope that you can get back together again, some day.


You are the best writer that there can be, for telling your own story.

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It's hard because losing someone of importance like that should make you stronger as a family, couple etc.. because of the fear of losing them? We all process things differently, i know. But even knowing that im not the only one that goes through this stuff, I still feel like i am. I am just so confused, lost, depressed over all this, it's way to much to handle.

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I have a old ant, she`s not that wise, but one thing she said that I will remember forever is: "Life isn`t for amateurs".


Sad to read your story, but Im sure you will come out of this stronger than before, particularly when you can put words on your feelings!


Keep your head cold, and your heart warm!

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????...... So far this year we have lost 7 friends/family members. Life can be very tough when you dont have many friends and family member's to rely on,Thats why I just vented on here.

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