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  1. Desktop crashed

    Im not very awesome at building that kind of stuff lol, im just going to buy. I would like a clear/plexi tower with blue or red led's in it though.
  2. Desktop crashed

    I dont have it anymore. I just sold it for scrap to the pc shop and im going to eventually get a new desktop. Im going to look into alienware or some kind of gaming pc. I am open to suggestions on a pc, My spending limit is only 1,200 though.
  3. Desktop crashed

    I changed it not to long ago. Pretty poopy cause i lost all my xp lol. oh well, thank you for the help though
  4. Desktop crashed

    Ok so my desktop crashed. I am on a laptop now. I have no way of getting my et key (for now) till my pc is fixed. I need to get my levels set once again. Do i need to upload my new etkey?
  5. what movie are u waiting to see

    sinister is a dud too, sorry lol. I just hope the robocop that is supposed to come out next year is good. I wanna see 7 psychopaths as well.
  6. Holidays.

    We have had christmas shopping done for about two weeks now. Im not to big on this time of year at all, just because of the snow and cold weather. Im more ready for spring
  7. Holidays.

    With thanksgiving passed us now, Are you ready for Christmas (whatever you celebrate) and new years?
  8. cant like anyones comments

    Sorry, i've met my quota for the day and cant comment either......... Yea I cant hit like either....
  9. Need a signature?

    I can help you create a signature if you provide me with an example of what you want...
  10. Signature's for forum

    To anyone who wants a signature, I can help create you one. Just give me an example of what you want. (I use gimp). By the way add me on xfire to get a quicker response from me
  11. Becoming an admin

    Hello and welcome to F|A!!!
  12. hi from florida

    Hello and welcome!!
  13. Hi!! frm India

    Hello and welcome to F|A!!
  14. I want To change my name :D

    When doing my name i had to.... Open notepad, use name generator, copy "generated name" to notepad and save as name.cfg. (Example of what notepad should look like) set name "yourgeneratednamehere". Then I put name.cfg in my etmain folder. Once i started et, in the console i had to type, /exec name.
  15. jay4

    i sent out alot of requests today before i posted about my level's. i will be back on in alittle while... Thank you guys for the help