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Adroits LAN - Enemy Territory Overview







Good afternoon, As many of you know now I come from a competitive backgroud of Enemy territory. I recently gave it up due to other commitments I have no got. So I returned to my roots playing publics, Jaymod and recently Silent mod! I have kept in touch with my friends from teh ETPro scene and I was going to go to this LAN when it was first announced to shoutcast, commentate to those who don't know, the ET games because the only other shoutcaster, owzo, is playing Quakelive. So I booked everything up and got people to commit a car journey from London, England all the way to Enshcede, Holland. Adroits have now announced there will be no stream for ET only ETTV. Meaning that I was no longer needed on camera! (Probably a good thing!)


So, there I was, without a job to do, without a team or general purpose of going to LAN other then get wrecked! Then came a player, who I have played in several teams with and even won a Clanbase Open cup with a few years back, Ironic. He asked if I wanted to fill the boots of their rifle as he is seriously unwell and is not going to be able to make the LAN! At first, I did think "This is not for me I gave this up many months ago." but over the past few weeks it has now become evident that this will be the LAST Enemy Territory LAN to be featured anywhere on earth! With that being said I knew I couldn't pass up this last chance to prove my worth at a LAN event. So I agreed to join them. With our lineup finally complete and only getting 1 hour of practice for the LAN we are now set to go!


The plan for the next few days is this. Team mate hsTE, who is attending his first LAN event after months of accusations of cheating, is coming to my house tomorrow night (tuesday the 16th) and staying the night. We are then driving from mine down to London where we are set to pick up MerlinatoR and Kamz. Both well known names around the RTCW and ET competitve scene. From London we have then got to catch a ferry at 5pm from Dover to Dunkrik, France. According to my ferry ticket we should be docked around 7:45pm Local time. From There we have a 6 hour car journey to Enschede Holland where we don't have a room booked till thursday @ 3pm! 4 ET players sharing a car to sleep is going to be like sardines in a can!


This is the point I am going to leave you but before I go I am going to give you the groups for LAN. Later today, I am hoping to put the lineups of each team and give a bit of a background about them. Shortly followed by my predictions. I hope this has been a bit of an insight to some of you players who have never been to a LAN and have no idea what they are. For those who have a rough Idea, I hope this has been an eye opener as to how much we go through to even get there! So if you tune in to see me playing live on ETTV and wonder why I am not moving in spawn... It is probably because I am passed out accross the desk trying to catch up on sleep!


Adroits ET Groups


Group A






The Bomb Squad




Group B






Dev.LAN (My team!)




Group C


One Pound Fish






Lost Soldiers


Hope this has been somewhat entertaining!


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