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  1. Happy Birthday Silverhawk!

  2. Happy Birthday Silverhawk!

  3. Sorry for my Inactivity have a lot going on lately =/ But ill do my best once i have time!
  4. here ya go, and the link ofcourse:http://i47.tinypic.com/zu10yf.png I hope that you like it enjoy!
  5. Well.. the software is kind a like photoshop it just uses more key mapping so if you are expirienced in using key paths it's easier to do, but if you want to buy it fro 150$ just tell me and i'll pm you the link, and yea chuckun is right
  6. So, i have a new Photo edit program specialy made for the Creative side as in signatures etc, modifying images. SIGNATURES Request a signature in this topic containing the following questions answered. - What render should it have ( the person or item it should be about this can be a personage out a movie or anime you get the point) - Color use, tell me what colors you want to have in it, or ask me to pick colors from the render so it has a flow. - Text and or Subtext. Example. "Silverhawk" <-- main text ( user name) "Gimme Them knives" <-- Subtext (something where you are good at or a inspirating text) PROFILE AVATARS Request a Profile Avatar in this topic containing the following questions aswered. - What render should it have - Color use - Text (no subtext) subtexts will not be read able due the size of the image.
  7. i was like Dafuq! when i did see this
  8. you can do 2 things, 1 is to right click and do "save image as" and later on upload it to your sig or http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t65/Baronblabla/Moxie.png <-- thats the link do right click "copy image url" and indeed place [ IMG ] [ /IMG ] infront t at the end.
  9. You just doing shit! I hoped to have you as an administrator, you made choice ....

    1. Silverhawk


      I'm not having enough time to suit an full administration job bro:P got extremly busy with real life issues

    2. -=MANSON=-


      no problem .... I'd bet my chips in for you!! I have my company, I study and still I can devote time to the forum and to the server, I love this life = F | A = ... I understand you, you remain active on the server, see you there okay ... Bye dude

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM7bHBXAnuI trust me, this song will help you to create flows
  11. The max forum size is 610 / 140 or something in that range, so it can't be to big i like this idea though probably will give it a shot