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Cube on the Moon




This is a video taken by an amateur astronomer of an unknown structure on the moon. There is no voice-over, no soothing narrator discussing NASA coverups, just a video of something clearly out of place on the lunar surface. It appears to be a giant cube, tall enough to cast a shadow many miles long. Look for it at 1:12 and at 2:58 on the video.


It is somewhat remniscient of the monolith on Phobos, although shaped differently. The Phobos monolith is a half-cylinder standing on end, this monolith clearly has four sides. Both are enormous, unnatural structures on moons.





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Hmm, there's something about that thing's shadow that doesn't make sense. Then again, could be me lol. Nice blogs. Reading some more ;)

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great blog Phantasm.


Bout this video. If u look at the other shadows they are pointed south-east.

The shadow of cube is pointed south-west.



very interesting indeed.

Keep vids coming !!


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how come the shadow cast by the object isn't in the same direction as the shadows cast by the rims of the surrounding craters? it looks more than 45* off lol


nice fake







oops didn't read the rest of the replies. well glad i am not only one with critical eye haha.

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