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Worlds In Collision

I've been rediscovering the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, who wrote Worlds In Collision in 1950. The crux of his theory was that the planet Venus swung by the earth and caused massive disruptions due to the effects of gravity. He attempted to link this hypothetical event with ancient stories of global floods, polar shifts, a reversal of the earth's spin, and total eclipses that lasted for days. Astronomers strongly deny Velikovsky's claim that Venus has interacted with the earth. However, there are many other large bodies beyond Pluto in our solar system that could have swung by earth on long elliptical orbits and caused the effects described by Velikovsky. We are still discovering dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt region of the solar system (see Sedna below).


If such an event did happen, it would have been documented by ancient astonomers and astrologers, who were obsessed with the heavens. Velikovsky used historical analysis to assert that a severe planet-wide event did occur about 3500 years ago. This was recorded by witnesses all over the earth in ancient manuscripts and oral legends - the Vedas, the Bible, Eskimo mythology, Mayan calendars, Egyptian hieroglyphics, etc.


These stories contradict each other on many details, as would be expected from eyewitnesses from different cultures. But, it is unlikely that hundreds of very serious people, who did not know each other, would create such dramatic and unbelievable stories, without some element of truth in them. The exact event will probably never be known, but it is a very interesting subject.


Oort Cloud:



Solar System, logarithmic scale:



Velikovsky is best remembered for his compilation of ancient mythology than for his interpretation of them. Velikovsky was severely criticized and ignored by mainstream scientists for the rest of his life, and his ideas have only recently has been getting some attention. It is one of those subjects that professional astronomers do not want to investigate for fear of losing their credibility, which is regrettable.


With the 2012 scare currently being marketed by the entertainment industry, it is quite sobering to read Velikovsky's research into ancient documentation of similar events.





Sidenote: NASA has predicted that we are in for a period of severe solar flares in the next few years, which could cause widespread electrical outages. (Be sure to put a hard drive in a lead-lined box somewhere). It's not the end of the world, we have solar flares every few decades, but it is the first time we have had a major solar flare in the Information Age.




The Cydonia Complex

I've been holding back on this one. It is the most disturbing anomaly in the solar system - the Cydonia Complex of Mars.


In the plain of Cydonia, in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars, at 40.75N by 9.46W, are a series of unusual structures. There are several five-sided pyramids that are of incredible size. There are strange mesas that resemble human, feline, and alien faces. The pyramids and face structures are arranged in the position of the constellation Pleides about 17,000 years ago. This may have been when they were constructed.


Face Monoliths:





Martian Pyramid:




All of the structures have been damaged by severe erosion, as would be expected on a planet that is sandblasted annually by dust storms.


One of these structures resembles a prehistoric human face. It is about two kilometers long by one kilometer wide. It has a protruding jaw, that when flipped upside-down, resembles the face of a typical grey alien as described in thousands of abduction reports:






Some people have speculated that this a symbol of possible human-alien interactions at a primitive time in human history. It may be a monument to a hybridization experiment that may have created modern humans. There are many, many interpretations of the Face on Mars.


I think it is a piece of artwork, sort of like an Escher painting. It was designed to show intelligent life in the distant future (us) that someone was there, and they were creative, artistic, intelligent creatures. I do not think it was made by anything actually indigenous to Mars, but rather by visitors. I realize that this is speculation, and we will not know until we send people there to study it.


It is interesting that the Giza Complex, in Egypt, resembles a later version of the Cydonia Complex. Giza has human-like structures (the Sphinx) and three pyramids that match the position of the constellation Orion about 10,500 BC.


The parallels between Cydonia and Giza are unmistakeable and difficult to dismiss. The Sphinx has a human face on a cat body, facing laterally so it can be seen by an observer on earth. The Cydonia Face has a human/alien face facing upward so it can be seen from an observer on earth.


The Sphinx is so old that it has been severely eroded by water. This is clear evidence that it was built at a time before the end of the last ice age (~10,000 BC), when Egypt experienced regular rainfall. People who casually dismiss the Cydonia Face as being "natural" should look at the similar levels of erosion on the Sphinx.







The construction of the three pyramids at Giza are ascribed to various pharoahs. However, there are no actual hieroglyphic records of their construction. The later pyramids, built by and written about by the ancient Egyptians, are inferior copies of the Pyramids of Giza. They have not held up as well and are not as symmetrical. It is illogical to expect that ancient Egyptians made perfect pyramids on their first three attempts and then suddenly lost the ability to make them. It is far more likely that humans were inspired by the original pyramids, whoever made them, and copied their design.


I think the Cydonia Complex is the most interesting place in the solar system. It may hold evidence not just of an alien civilization, but of the interactions of that species with humans tens of thousands of years ago. It is far more than just another weird shape on a distant body that may or may not be artificial. It is so blatantly artificial and deliberate that it demands investigation. We need to go there.


Cube on the Moon

This is a video taken by an amateur astronomer of an unknown structure on the moon. There is no voice-over, no soothing narrator discussing NASA coverups, just a video of something clearly out of place on the lunar surface. It appears to be a giant cube, tall enough to cast a shadow many miles long. Look for it at 1:12 and at 2:58 on the video.


It is somewhat remniscient of the monolith on Phobos, although shaped differently. The Phobos monolith is a half-cylinder standing on end, this monolith clearly has four sides. Both are enormous, unnatural structures on moons.




Galactic Collision



The article below discusses Stephan's Quintet (pictured above), a galactic car accident where several galaxies have slammed into each other. The black holes in their centers destabilized and swallowed millions of solar systems. Many of them were probably inhabited by intelligent life. This is one of the most violent events ever discovered in the universe. This happened billions of years ago, billions of light years away. Or so we have been told.


This discovery has a curious side-story: one of the colliding galaxies is calculated to be eight times closer to earth than the others. This is based on its redshift, or how light wavelengths get redder with distance. The galaxy in question is more blue than the others when certain elements are measured that are used to determine its distance. These element spectroscopic lines have been used for almost a century by astronomers to determine the distance of deep space objects. But here we have an object colliding with another object that should be billions of light years apart.


This discovery throws much of our knowledge of deep space mapping into doubt. Clearly, our way of determining distance is unreliable. No one will publish this research in a professional journal due to the upheaval this has caused in modern astronomy. Instead they have attacked the author, as usual, but no one can come up with a better explanation. It is quite possible that the "red shift" method of measuring intergalactic distances has exceptions that render it useless in certain situations or with certain types of objects.


Very serious stuff.




Apollo 11 UFO

Buzz Aldrin discusses the unidentified flying object that followed the Apollo 11 spacecraft on its way to the moon in 1969. The object was several miles long. There were many UFO sightings during the Apollo program. It is often speculated that these encounters were one of the reasons why NASA stopped going to the moon after Apollo 17.



Phobos Anomalies

The Russians sent two spacecraft to Phobos (one of Mars' moons) in 1989. One was destroyed by a UFO. The other one took pictures of what appears to be an alien base on Phobos. Shocking stuff...






There is a monolith on Phobos. Buzz Aldrin (astronaut) thinks it is artificial. Strange image.



Hexagon on Saturn

There is a hexagon in the clouds of Saturn! It is as big as four earths. It looks utterly unnatural. Scientists in this video try to explain it. I have no idea what could make a geometric shape like this on this scale. Truly bizarre...