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How to write topics / posts when asking for help or submitting tutorials




1. Topic title:


It should be useful and relate the issue which you are having.


Good Example:

Ignoring Queries Kick by Punkbuster

Laptop FPS issue for Enemy Territory

Lag problem for Enemy Territory


Bad examples of above topics:

Help – Does help says anything? No.

FPS Sucks – Ok we understand you are having low FPS but sucks for what game?

Problems!!!! – Ok does it make sense to you?


If topic title doesn’t make sense to you, then let me tell you it will not make sense to others also.



2. Tags:


Use some tags so when someone clicks on it, they can find related topics. I mean really some people use pretty much very bad topic tags. By tagging you are saying your topic relates to this and this subject.






Notice the tags? “dj-news” You ask yourself who in the world is going to search based on dj-news ? People are going to search based on Gadhafi, killed, etc.


Right tag would be gadhafi, killed, leader, dead, libyan and if you want in the end add dj-news. Now when user click on that tag gadhafi, they can find all posts related to it on forum.


Same goes for FPS, Enemy Territory, COD, etc help related topics. Use valid tags and help others at the same time. By choosing right tags you are not helping yourself but also helping someone who might be having same issue in future.


3. Google +1.


In each download or tutorials links, we have added Google +1. If you like something nice rather then saying +1 or nice one, click on Google +1 icon. This way rather then having 50 "nice" post, you can easily see 50 users liked this tutorial.


PS Keep up the Good work with news reporting. At least now I/we have something worth reading rather then useless spam in spam section. Special thanks to those who are reporting news, submitting tutorials and maps, software, etc in our download section. Thanks!

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So if i make a thread that just says "WRONG" then onion goes splat?


Joking aside, is there a Google + group for fearless? (i just got google+)

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