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Things ive learnt at Uni...




Ah....if asked to summarise Uni i would say its 50% meeting new people (friend and foe),15% becoming truly independent. 20% partying, 10% learning to shop in thrift stores , and 5% learning bout stuff (irrelevent or not)


Ive met quite a few people (and forgotten a fair few names along the way) , have decided that TV is not that important, found that taxis are best shared with people to split costs and found that bacon is rather more expensive than i wished it were. Still, there are quite a few thing i have learnt over the past few weeks that i have taken rather to heart more so than others , either because of their novelty or as a serving reminder.


1. ET is disruptive to my life




Yeah...each time i keep planning to quit ET the addiction only comes back worse. Probley more better than smoking, but probaley also more disruptive. Ive decided to make a real go of it though, as i found that Sunday was quite the eye -opener. It was a choice between sleep and talking to unlawful and Nrgy bout the relative qualities of maps we would like to see on the server (go golden dunk go...) , and whilst it was not the first time ive spoken to people past my bodys wanting , it was waking up feeling seriously tired when i would normally be quite alert that really told me i was spending far too much time playing. Thankfully, i had zero lectures on Monday, but ive decided to halt ET to the best of my abilites. Unfortunatly, i cannot seem to unistall ET, but ive manged to avoid it so far. Ive givern up on not visiting the forum as im quite the person who loves to keep up with the gossip (i dont want to find out Baska quit 3 years ago when i next vist the forum) . So whilst i do feel guilty and quite ashamed im not learning bout Fisherian runaway theory, i would find it worse just thinking bout it rather than the Sexy son hypothesis.


2. Money flows fast




I like to keep a budget , and i was quite suprised when a) i found out it had already been a month and B ) i had spent bout £260. Granted, most of that was on textbooks , but i was still suprised. Even now i spend more than i should. Ive been suprised bout the cost of several things, but thankfully i am used to walking round town to comapre prices. I was suprised by the cost of bacon the otherday, but on the otherhand i have gotten used to 9p noodles and tap water and so its a bit of a trade off .




Poundland has become my new found friend. Great bargins there for houshold goods. You cant go wrong with buying some Dettol for £1 when it would normally cost £2.15-ish


3. Wiki beats 2 hours of lectures




I have actually found the lectures quite nice. Partuly because i enjoy the subject (an essiential really though) , but also beecause the work rate has not been as bad as i feared (two whole days free of lectures? woo. next semester will probaley be a b - tard though) . Still, one thing i have found is that explaing an entire topic in two hours is not brillaint as it often means having to explain some rather complex - if intresting - theories in as short as time as possible. For example, having done a lecture on Eyewitness Testinomey, i found myself having to google all the experiments in order to make sense of the results that were givern to support various issues withen it.


I do belive my proudest moment though has thus far been to look at game theory on Wiki




Ill admit i never payd it much attention in Economics because i thought i didnt need it (didnt need it for the exams in the end) and yet i find myself looking at bits of economics again in psychology (like diminsihing retrns and margins of labour) It took me some time, but i finally made myself understand the prisoners dilema . This ,along with simulatonus equations, i have been proud of learning on my own


4. Fight club was right. I dont need TV




I was rathered suprised how quickly i divorced myself from TV, but i am glad i have (and hopefully i havent jinxed myself by saying that :P) instead, my new vices seem to be ebaying Zippos. Oh well



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ahh that damn ET really ruin my life ... what can I do? I uninstall it once then back 2 months later.


For TV since I have internet it become less and less popular in my life until the day I found out that my tv is not used for almost 1 month... so lately i start watching some movies and all tv show I put from time to time in my iphone are in my ps3 hard drive this way I'm gonna be forced to watch them in my TV


lol hard hard ^^

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