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Enemy Territory Game Settings for good gameplay




Hi and welcome to my blog about getting better at Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!


Now that's we've popped my blog-posting cherry with an introductory sentence, let's go ahead and get this bad-boy started.


1: Introduction


In this blog, I will try to provide a complete guide on how to be a good player at W:ET. I will write these whenever I have time and material to write about. If you have a suggestion for a topic, feel free to post it in the comments. A small detail is that some of these things are specific for the NoQuarter mod. If you can help me with providing the correct counterparts for the other mods, your help would be much appreciated.


This first entry will be about using the right settings and extracting as much information from the battlefield as possible. I will suggesting a lot of values for cvars. If you have no experience with these things, I suggest you just copy the thing I wrote in this blog. I also assume you know how to change cvars. If you don't just ask below and I will prove a guide. If you are already experienced in this field and have other settings you are used to, it's up to you whether or not you try these settings.

2: General Settings

A: Connection To ensure you play lag-free there are a few cvars you can set. I highly recommend setting these


- rate 25000 // or higher

- cl_maxpackets 100 // or equal to your stable fps #

- cl_packetdub 1


B: Rendering In order to play well, you need to have a stable fps (frames-per-second, the amount of frames that your computer sends to your screen per second). You can see your current fps using \cg_drawfps 1. You can cap (= limit the number of frames generated) this using the \com_maxfps variable. Because the number of fps your computer generates can vary a lot depending on what you're looking at in the game, I suggest you try to watch your fps when looking at huge areas to determine your best cap.


- cg_drawfps 1

- com_maxfps 43 // or 76, or 125

Use the highest value that still gives you a stable fps. The numbers 43, 76 and 125 are preferred because they let you move faster and jump higher. This is because there is a numerical rounding error in the Quake3 engine when using these numbers.


C: Miscellaneous These are some extra variables which will help the quality of your game and your shooting.


- cg_bobyaw 0

- cg_bobroll 0

- cg_bobpitch 0

- cg_bobup 0


3: Every bit of information can be a life-saver



Over all these years I have adjusted my config many times. I tweaked my display in such a way that I receive as much information about the state of the game as possible. And exactly for this reason I love my config. I might not be the best fragger or the fastest jumper, but I do proud myself on my alertness on the battlefield. This is how I do it:


1: Main screen. Obviously you need this very much and this can be tweaked very hard. I will limit myself to a few cvars. These are mostly to disable things that prevent you from seeing further/clearer.


- cg_drawMuzzleFlash 0 // don't draw muzzle flash

- cg_drawCrosshairNames 7 // draw colored, iconed names

- cg_gibs 0 // don't display gibs

- cg_wolfparticles 0

- cg_smokeparticles 0

- r_atmosphericEffects 0

- cg_coronas 0

- cg_fov 120 // Now I don't recommend that you change your field of view when you're used to a different one, but if you're open to change, I definitely suggest you try this.

- cg_trailparticles 1 // Shows grenade and other explosions in a non-intrusive way

2: Compass You can see where teammates recently got killed on this compass. You can also see your teammates and spotted enemies (spotted = seen by a covert ops). If you hear footsteps behind you, you should check your compass to see if there's a teammate behind you. If there isn't, you better turn around and start shootin'!


- cg_automapZoom 3.5 // This scales the compas to a rather wide area around you.

3: Mission Timer & FPS Like I mentioned before, your FPS should be stable. If you notice you're moving slower, look at your fps to see whether your fps is still at one of the magic numbers (43, 76 and 125). You are extra vulnerable in these situations because of your limited speed. Remember what parts of what maps you are on limited fps and maybe seek ways to avoid it.

4: Lagometer This lagometer should be like in the screenshot. All blue up top and a green flat line at the bottom. If you see yellow or red chunks at the bottom, get yourself to safety because you're experiencing a lagspike.


- cg_lagometer 1

5: Obituaries Now this is where my config comes to shine. Obituaries are a great source of information and are often overlooked. I use the following (NQ-specific) settings:

- cg_pmPopUpTime 0 // instant popup messages

- cg_graphicObituaries 1 // Use an image of an mp40 instead of 'killed by XXX's mp40'

- cg_popupMessageFilter 222 // This filters out all the following:

// 0 Filter disabled

// 1 Filter out objective messages (planted at ..., capture flags, etc.)

// 2 Filter out pick-up messages (Picked up a health/ammo packs, weapons)

// 4 Filter out team joining messages

// 8 Filter out player connect/disconnect messages

// 16 Filter out all map script messages (command post constructed, tank damaged, etc.)

// 64 Filter out all obituaries caused by your own team

// 128 Filter out all obituaries for self kills (of all players)


The result is that you only see obituaries of people in your own team getting killed by people in the other team. It is a perfect way to have quick reflexes when people don't expect it. Let's say you're running around and you cross teammate X and you see him going into a hallway. A few seconds later you see his obituary. You can now prepare yourself for an enemy coming from that direction.

6: Information about yourself Every ingame decision must be made with regards to your current situation. Do you have enough ammo? Do you have stamina (=sprint) ready? How much health do you have?

4: Sound


Also often overlooked, but sound is one of the most important factors in being alert in the game. When your are playing you should focus on the following especially:


- Sound of a gun from the enemy coming from behind your 'battlezone'

- Sound of footsteps near yourself

- Sound of teammates when they die (they always cry out 'medic' or something of the sort)

- Guided panzer coming towards you

- Sound of artillery falling

To help with this, I use the following settings:


- cg_novoiceChats 1 // Disable vsays sound

- bind mouse3 s_stop

This causes every sound that is ongoing (e.g. an airstrike, reloading a gun), to be ready for sounds that would be unnoticed under the round of e.g. reloading a gun. Prime example here would be reloading your gun and not hearing footsteps behind you because of the sound of reloading.


Ok, that's it for now. I hope I was clear in what I tried to bring across! I'm sorry for all the technical details here, but we had to get through them so we can start off on an even ground. Next entry will be about weapon handling.

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Personally I use most of your settings apart from the obituaries section. I simply set that to "relevant" in the Jaymod options which means it filters out a lot of crap I don't need to see, which can block the screen if the server is busy. Truthfully I don't really need to know who else killed who as firstly, I have a map which will show any axis players in combat with allies players and second if you are close enough to be a threat there is a very good chance I can hear exactly where you are anyway.

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If you're changing your max fps, you might need to change your sensitivity too. At least as far as i experienced a higher fps rate means the crosshair moves "faster" without changing the sensitivity.

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