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My first blog :D




Yes as all of you know school is starting soon, the intellectual wasteland we call a educational experience. If u were us u would understand what children from modern time go through you would like freak out. You would see children smoking (i know i have that's for sure), people fighting (the HD wrestling where we can totally react to), and of course cursing, misbehaving, disrespecting, (mostly the stuff that happen on server). I'm not a fan of writing a blog though that's for sure, but since school is starting why not practice writing an essay, and besides it can be on anything u like. How can i start off? ill be open minded hmmm this is a little hard so ill write about my life as an ET player (u might wanna leave if its too boring) my main goal atm is to create a blog that covers up this writing box thing im typing in.


OK time to start...


Ever since i started playing ET it got pretty addicting, no wonder i can roll most of you out there in almost anything cause i play soo much, Ive obtained enough power to do almost anything on ET (trick jump, bind, shoot, technique, and of course who can forget - shoot :D) now i cant think of what else to say so lets think of stuff i can do right now... oh yea! sometimes when im not playing ET im on the forums (right now) playing flash games on internet, watching videos (stop thinking like that u pervs <-- haha forums corrected it for me) or watching tv.


Well i finished blocking this box thing so im done, my brain is empty so i cant think of anything kthxbai :)



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