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6 game deaths that could have been avoided




in this blog i will talk about game deaths that could have been avoided from my point of view.. feel free to post ur own cuz i MIGHT make another

1. Gears of War 1 - Minh


first off wtf is he doing over there.. being some tarded lone wolf guy dying like a tarded hero of some sort by this locust general named RAAM

How it could have been avoided..

Now if he stayed with Dom, and Marcus and the other dude this wouldnt have happened cuz after he dies they run into some building where they hide until reinforcements arive, man i bet marcus was thinking "hero fail"

2. Gears of War 1 - RAAM


Yea, the guy that killed Minh, he dies too of a tarded similar death

How it could have been avoided..

Wut a wannabe. Trying to attempt the lone wolf status but advancing a little bit better then minh. This dude uses bat-like monsters to kill u when he could have ran away after wasting his bat-like creatures at dom and marcus take as fact that he was GENERAL and his plan is like wtf?

3. Halo Reach - Jorge


This man saves ur main characters life because he was getting ready to arm some sort of bomb that he planted on one of the covenant's ship thingy

How it could have been avoided..

He gets all frustrated n shit cuz he cant plant a bomb, so he takes off his helmet and does a suicide thingy that u cant see.. while he attempts to kill u by throwing u from 300 ft in the sky down to earth.. makes me wonder how U lived, it could have been avoided by him throwing a bomb and jumping off of shooting and jumping off; i mean a bomb IS a bomb isnt it? so it detonates with some sort of piercing through it manually because it already does it automatically with a countdown



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