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Ingenuity of children

I've been thinking about something. I don't know how interesting this will be for people but I have a rhetorical question that I want to share: I wonder if the ingenuity of children is to do with their willingness to try new things? Children learn much faster than adults, it's well-known... Unless it's biological, this is my conclusion.   I know I used to be fearless with technology. I would press all kinds of buttons and turn knobs. I didn't care. I don't take as many risks with that now... I bet you it's because I have mistakes logged in my brain that i remember, "Okay, you tried that once, so don't do it". Maybe that's our limitation as adults at times?   I know a child asked me recently what was wrong with my eye. Just straight up. I was taken aback, but it was also refreshing so I explained it was Strabismus. There was no meandering or "pussy-footing" around and finding out later... She just asked the question and got an answer... Of course, mistakes are USEFUL; they advise against being foolish. Taking too many precautions, however, can be equally damaging.   To put it plainly, apart from biology, I think children's ability to learn quickly has to do with their willingness to take risks; they don't have a pile of mistakes recorded to make them hesitate.



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