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Electric Fence

Posted by =Death Hunter=, 12 September 2011 · 488 views

Ahhhh it's good to be back from my litle vacation in hell. Have had alot going on lately and I haven't been on BUT I'M BACK MU-HUKAS!!!!!

so one of the things I've been doing is building a pole barn on my grandmas farm. I was out cutting down tall weeds with a badass oldschool sythe. Well after about an hour into it the end came loose and it flew over the fence and landed about a foot on the other side. In the horse pasture. No biggie right? Wait!!!! Shit!!! There's an electric fence there. But was it on? I couldn't remember if they still used it so I reached out and tapped it.... Like that scene from Home Alone where Joe pecsi checks the doornob after being burnt the first time "hah hah! Hehehehehee"

yeah well I was oblivious that I had rubber soles on my boots I was wearin...of course I didn't get shocked. So.... I leaned over in between the middle and bottom lines and as soon as I picked up the metal blade the botton line hit me write across my stomach, I clenched on the blade, jumped, hit the middle wire across my back and violently flailed until I was out of the mess......

After realizing what just happened to me I look over hearing laughter. My dad is laughing so hard I thought he was gonna have a heart attack. Real f***in funny a**h****...he f***in knew. It's those little things...

Ive been hit by many a electric fence...They dont hurt THAT bad, they dont hurt at all. Unless ofcourse maybe a police electric fence
go pee on that fence, that'll teach it
&ctually I have another story about ele fences illl have t post. Long story short we lost it in a jeep and slid into a creek sideways in a cow pasture. Dude in the back got out right after the wreck and got hit by one we went through when we wrecked

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