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F|A=annabelle did it ! :o)

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I'll try it next weekend then.

The thing is that the pc starts, but once reaching the "windows starting" page, it goes to a nightmare 80's blue screen and turns off. Which made me think to a visual problem (= graphic card). But with no assurance it could be that or something else, I was giving up. I'll try it, thanks alot guys.  :)

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Stop it guys.
I'm coming in keep thinking it's something about me ARGH

I retired Annabelle for the time being Kelf, don't worry anymore. ;)



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Do you happen to have receipt of your PC purchase to get PC specs?


You can start by checking if all vents are spinning up and try to take pic of bsod- take video and post screenshot from the part of video where os bsod.


Removing GPU- after unplugging all wires!(monitor, keyboard, power cord from wall)- PC should produce error code- by beeps or flashing HDD LED. Check your mobo manual first.

Also PCI-e connector has a latch, don´t forget to push it, yanked mine till it broke while pulling graphic card out.

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