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    beach ====> Summer
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    Other Congratulations to our new Co-Leader

    I'm a bit late (and less active) but congratz Sis
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    Congratz guys
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year all Wish you all the best for 2017
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    ET Server =F|A= winter is coming gameday

    Even it was hard to play with Danielle singing all the time haha
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    Happy Birthday to Alphaleader

    Thanks Thanks guys ! Even we would like to stop it , this day is coming back every year to remember you that now you're one step closer to the end...but still have time (depends how old you are ofc) Anyway i'm still "young" even if Mr Dovaah say that i'm old ( Vs a geek teenager like him joking) Have a pleasant day all, and i wish you an happy Christmas Holidays with your family in advance (in case i'm too drunk after this night haha) Friendly Alpha
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    Vietnam's trip

    Saigon is beautiful but very noisy (from 5am to 11pm). Just be careful about you bags as there is some "gangs" who try to take your money. They follow you behind the ATM (or in the street). They are on bikes and half of the face hiden. Especially in the tourist area and near the old south Vietnam president house I really enjoyed Danang and Hoi An. They are pretty safe place to live as most of the population have some moneys. Yes the beach pics is from Danang , wanna go there now ? hehe There is a lot of restaurants along the beach For Hoi An : The historical center is the place to go. If i can suggest you an hotel it's the : Atlas hotel. 5min walking and it's a very comfortable hotel. There is also a free shuttle to the beach (need to book at reception desk) Feel free to pm me to talk more about this, if you want i will give you more info than here
  8. Back from Vietnam !!!

    1. Dovaah
    2. Alphaleader


      Yeah was very great !I made a topic if u wanna see

      A bientôt

  9. Alphaleader

    Vietnam's trip

    I'm back !!! ( even i'm still in the jetlag...) Was a very good trip I started from the north (Hanoi and Halong Bay) to the center (Danang and Hoi An), to finish in the south (Ho-Chi Minh City (new name of Saigon) and Can Tho on the mekong river) As you can imagine it was a lot of transport ( bus, train, plane). I will attach some pics (just few samples) Vietnam is beautiful country and people are very friendly but it's a new country in the "business tourism", so now some tips : - Roads are full of motorbikes and they drive like hell...(can't say other word lol), so if you go by yourself don't try to drive as there is no insurance and it can cost a lot of money if you have any damages. - If you have to move for a long distance prefer plane to train ( i tried a night train and even it was funny, i will never do it again lol). Local plane (vietnam airline) is sometime cheaper and you will save your time (1h30 and half in plane VS 15h in a train...) - Best seasons are from half November to April but according our guide it's from half Marsh to half April. Don't visit end of February and beginning of Marsh as it's national holiday and everything is closed from 10 to 15 days. - They are not all fluent in English but will try to do their best to help you - Food is gorgeous ( spring rolls, and all specialities) but water isn't drinkable so you will be oblige to buy bottles everyday. - Don't forget anti mosquito if you want to be safe - In the south (Saigon) the temperature is about 30° all the year.... Since this country is opening to the world , it's in constant evolution (building, beach complex, tourist facilities...) and i know that in few year it will be completely different as now. So if you want to visit a great country who have still a bit of his origin go there If you have any question i will be glad to answer.
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    3 word story

    until a mystery
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    Vietnam's trip

    I will 4 sure ! I try to finish my luggage but it's hard, I'm too excited !
  12. Alphaleader

    Vietnam's trip

    Will be off from tomorrow evening until the 24th I'll show u some pics when i come back
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    3 word story

    transsexual dress but
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Edge of tomorrow (last night)