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Independence Day...

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Ol Smoke

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Today is July 4th, 2013.  In 1776, on this day, a ragtag bunch of rebels sent the King of England a notice that we were declaring

independence from Britain's rule.  Then on March 4, 1789, the constitution of the United States of America was signed into act and this

country became an independent nation from all others.


So on this day I salute our men and women of the armed forces of the USA on a job well done, protecting our Constitution and letting us live

the freedom that so many died to create and to protect.  I want to thank the relatives I have lost in the military and to the ones who came home.

I want to especially thank the military members of our F|A family who have given so much for their country and for us.  It is most appreciated.


I also would like to thank our friends from across the Atlantic for their help in securing our freedoms in this time of terror.  We are comrades,

friends, and brothers in this endeavor.  






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what can i say: congraz. everything good from germany. even if you spy on whole germany i can say that we all are brothers.

brothers who dont trust each other to protect themselves...



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What I can say is that we celebrate our independence from what was then a corrupt government, and now we seem to be destroying ourselves from the inside. I celebrate what happened in the past, but I cannot say that I am proud of what our country is becoming. either way, happy independence day!




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I love my country and am proud to be called and American.. Yeah we have done some stupid stuff, but America is sometimes like your drunk uncle, sure  he gets drunk and does some insane stuff sometimes, but you still love him, he is still your uncle and you wouldn't have it any other way! Happy Fourth!

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