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yellow lag spikes

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So i get these yellow lagg spikes which shoots up my ping when i am playing with 125 fps and no lagg spikes when i play with 76 fps ,Does any one knows the the solution and the cause of these lagg spikes .I know playing with 76 is a solution but ne solution through which i can play with 125 fps would be apreciable.
The problem is nt with single config its with most of them atleast 4-5 which it tried also this problem wasnt there before like 2 weeks ago or so

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There is a topic just right above this one: http://fearless-assa...gnize-your-lag/
I am afraid you need to post more information to get help, so read that topic and give some information please.

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If you have it only with 125 fps try to reduce cl_packetdup, even set to 0
and of course cl_timenudge 0
But I don't know how is it possible that changing your fps gives you yellow spikes. Yellow just means it takes too much time for the packet to arrive from the server. Maybe your pc is not fast enough or you have internet problems in general




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Mostly fragmented packets or no packets causes yellow spikes... That's my theory based on few testing... total packet loss = red spikes

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