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Hey guys! i just have this question

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I've notice this last days that on FA ET Servers, you have added some sounds to the voice chat menu ( For Ex. MENDOZAAAAAAAA!!)

I have found them very entertaining , and gives that special touch to make the server even funner!!! :D

but the question is this?

Would you like to have Custom sounds?

For Example : It would be could a sound that could say : Welcome To The Fearless Assassins ( or Something Like That), or some sound referring to a member, (for ex. : UH OH!! Here Comes!! ( Member Name) , or even a song :D

If you liked this idea, just tell me what do you want , and the sound specs

if you don't like it, well sorry about making this question


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It is possible and you will like the welcome player sound for few days but then it will be boring. So, for long shot no. For sometime yes.

If you like to see your fav sounds on server post the .wav file in vsay sticky post and by RC 2 release if possible we will add it. No promises though because their are more then 250+ sounds atm.

We are soon about to change 10 sounds.



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thats easy to do hehe ... i already did that in euro server :P ^^

But if Hell ooo ask me i'll do it for other server :hmm



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I like the new sounds, a lot of them sound familar :sarc

The sound when so-and-so member arrives idea is pretty neat and I've never found it to be boring (unless said member was leaving and joining and leaving and joining constantly then I can see it getting annoying haha)

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