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I want make sure its understood as needed, my view of this or any server in any game to include forums and all other aspects. This entire thing is a privilege I enjoy. It is made available to the public with conditions. Those conditions are established by the server owner, staff and clan. I as a use have two choices abide by the terms and policies of the server or don’t come here. That’s it.

I have state before, I have great respect for the FA server in all of its aspects. I am and was confident that all persons involve have and are doing an excellent job.

There is always room for improvement in anything humans create or do.

My motives were benevolent to the server, its staff , the clan and its guests. Anything I said or have done or will do are intended in a positive way. I may have and probably did make mistakes, I am human, I make mistake often. I try to correct all when I find them. I listen carefully to those who offer criticism. I consider such criticism and use it to improve myself when ever and where ever I can.

It appears to me the status quo is what many or most wish to maintain. That is fine. I saw some serious problems. I felt I may be able to help. If my perception was correct, and those problems do in fact exists, that does mean the server, its staff or anyone was doing something wrong.

Sadly, and I have seen this in ever institution I have worked with, for or been associated with, the focus all to often is on placing blame. Pointing fingers. Things like that. I have always considered this behavior however typical, to be distracting and non-productive.

All I have ever asked is are all the people on the team and part of the solution. As long as all are on the team, then we don’t have a personnel problem, the focus should be on the problem not bickering and finger pointing.

Where FA was and is concerned there was never a doubt in my mind that all the people involved were on the team and were part of the solution. The problem was not and is not with FA with regard to the problems I perceived.

Bottom line I wanted to help. Clearly as I have received a threat of disciplinary action regarding one of my posts. I am not helping. Further I have no interest in conflict. I will continue to spare no effort in complying with any and all clan rules and policies.

If any were offended or made to feel uncomfortable by anything I wrote I am sorry that occurred. I can only assure I meant to harm no one. I meant to offend no one. I did want to exchange ideas. But not in a way that fostered conflict.


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It's not a big deal, man. You don't need to leave.



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In short your sorry and no hard feelings....im never readin a post like this again. Too many words. Like said above no need to leave, just stay and have fun on forums. ;)



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Like I said you are talking out of your ass, anyone that needs to write an essay to convey a thought is not right in the head. When you have some solid proof and can backup your claims with evidence then maybe I will spare 5 minutes. But this not being my first rodeo you will disappear never to be heard from again. Just another kid with no skill that is trying to get noticed and get some power to feed his ego. This is all the time I will waste on you. Good riddance.

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