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Tracker updated and new Wiki

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I have updated tracker to new version. Now you can watch your reported issue and even check based on RSS feeds.

Next to update is website, store and MySQL. Every update happens when we get some time to work on. So please don't keep asking when it's going be there. You will see it when it's ready.

I have also added Wiki for our community. All the community related rules will be moved to Wiki. All our logo's have come from epicfail and once he submits new logo, I will update on wiki.

The road plan is to move all our community guide lines to wiki and remove community guideline section to make room on forums for more game. Let's be realistic everyone like's forum compact and clutter free. Community guidelines hardly need any support and it's better to move it to wiki as members can participate to keep it up to date.

And off course custom moded servers for CSS, COD4 and LD42 are to come when few issues are fixed.

If you like to play on our servers, I suggest you to donate few amount to keep our servers online. None of the servers come for free and neither this forums which you are reading is free. Everything cost us money and we have never implemented system where you need to donate to become member like many other clans/communities. Sure game might cost you once but server bills needs to paid monthly.

Even a donation of 10$/month or year will help. You will not die if you will donate little bit. It's way less compare to your cinema tickets. Special thanks to donors for keeping community alive.

More or less, we are actively looking for new members. If you like to join us, feel free to post an application. We always need admins on our servers. Don't worry if you suck in admin commands. Our friendly community will teach you all required admin commands.


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It's good to see that this clan is getting stronger each day, this is the result of all those members and admins keeping the servers cool,banning cheaters,recruiting the new guys,being active and helpful in the forums so yeah, a big thanks to all those people.

I made a paypal account but for some reason paypal says that they cannot verify my card if it is a credit or a debit card, it would tell me the same.I'll check it out and if it works i'll donate those 10 sexy dollars if not, i will talk to the bank manager tomorrow about this cuz i have a friend that is with the same bank as me and he got his paypal account with no problem.

But yeah, thanks for all those updates maybe im not being active as i was before but i'll try to help whenver i have the chance.




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It'd be much easier to donate in real life, because if I could then I would.




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This paycheck, got some money coming to you sexy beast daredevil



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I agree little donations dont hurt the wallet at all. I used to save and then give bigger donation. Last month I set up recurring $15 a month and beleive me i dont feel it in the pocket. For those in a situation where they cant give money they should focus on recruiting good new members and be active on forum and server to keep us strong. There are also plenty of jobs to do for clan you just got to open your mind and think of good ideas.

Again a big thank you to our Admin team and to all the donators.



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Thanks for all the awesome updates DD!



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Any idea on what we are going to do with CSS? I'd love to get a Gun Game server up.

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