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Flatbush Zombies

Posted by ~DRE*, in Rap Groups 10 June 2013 · 4,308 views

fbz beastcoast
Flatbush Zombies Hello fellas, long time i don't do a damn post, being busy playing and study and i forgot about this :o

To continue the saga of Beast Coast, i will now introduce you Flatbush Zombies, another psychedelic, drug pusher rap group (ain't them all like this?), from Flatbush Brooklyn.
The group is formed by Erick Arc Elliott who produces all most every track of them and also raps on them, Meech (Meechy Darko) rapper, who reminds me ODB a bit, and Juice, also rapping, the last member.
They all have the same message, tryna clean up our minds, but they are sometimes confused with the shitty mainstream lyrics, as they do some "bangers" but in a Zombie way.
Their name came up inspire by some video games and the movie "The Return of The Living Dead", and also by their love with zombies while growing up , Meech says: ""If you're staying the same, then you ain't doing something right. Something's wrong with you. That's what makes the Zombies."

Third eye influence, psychedelic drugs, LSD abusers, makes their message clear and wise FREE YOUR MIND

Listen to this song, wich i listen very often and love:

Give them a try, listen their first mixtape D.R.U.G.S wich stands for "Death and Reincarnation Under God's Supervision".

Not as bad as most of the rap I hear! Thx Dreguy!


Your Pal,


Hello there Kevin pal (long time hehe :P) I hope you like them, they really got me pump! 

Hallucinogenics can be rather fun and eye-opening! 

Hallucinogenics can be rather fun and eye-opening! 

You got it bro! open up your 3rd eye 

I've only just started to listen to them, I think they are pretty good. I like Bath Salt with ASAP Ferg. 

i like it!! Sounds pretty legit :P

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