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Let's Duel! Part 1

Posted by F257, 28 March 2010 · 1,504 views

Having almost completed all five seasons of the orignal series, I now feel qualified enough to play Yu-Gi-Oh. Let's Duel!

Medic summons ACKMEY (1750 ATK/1500 DEF) and places one card face down

Posted ImagePosted Image

Daredevil summons U2 (1500 ATK/500DEF) in defense mode and places one card face down

Posted ImagePosted Image

Dare 4000 points | Medic 4000 points

Medic sacrafices ACKMEY to summon CALDASGSM (2000 ATK/1500 DEF) and plays STOP DEFENCE

Posted Image[Posted ImagePosted Image

Medic attacks Dare ,sending U2 to the graveyard. Medic incures 500 points of direct damage. Dare loses 500 points, but regains 500 points too owning to the effects of U2.

However, Medic special summons AAROP2 (2500 ATK/2000 DEF) to the field

[Posted Image

Daredevil sacrifices one monster in his hand to the graveyard and summons KANE(2200 ATK/ 2000 DEF). Medic removes one card from his deck. Dare then places another card facedown.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Dare attacks CALDASGSM with KANE. Medic though flips over his face down card and reveals MIRROR FORCE

Posted Image

Dare 4000 points | Medic 3500 points

Now, Im nearing the end of my image limit, so onto part 2!

WHATT WHERE IS ME? Man you left my card out biatch D=...

Posted Image
lol that card is forbidden :P
wrong card for the game onion you douche. YOU DONT USE MAGIC THE GATHERING CARDS IN YU GAY OH. FAAACK
hahaha nice I love MIRROR FORCE card :D
I CHALLANGE YOU TO A DUEL, Get your game on :P