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GeForce GTX 680 in single-slot-design

Posted by DJ aka GDR DJ, 27 March 2012 · 2,263 views

A single slot GeForce GTX 680 Which is under production by manufacturer Galaxy has been pictured making it the third non-reference GTX 680 in Galaxy's lineup. Other than the single slot GTX 680, Galaxy is also preparing a 4GB model and a Hall of Fame Edition GeForce GTX 680 Which were detailed in our previous post here.
There's not much to detail except that the card uses a single slot design Which covers a PCI-e slot expansion, It is cooled by a blower fan and would stick to the reference clock frequencies. Galaxy may not go with a 195W TDP since OC'd specs is still a bit high for a single slot cooling design. The PCB is colored blue Indicating a Non-Reference or low profile design but we can not confirm it yet!

The GPU's price and launch date are not known then.

Posted Image

Posted Image


Looks awesome!
Looks pretty different from other cards I've seen. My guess is that GeForce it trying to get all the power of the 680 in a single card slot to push SLI to that max. I run a 580 with not complaints and before that a 9800 GTX. So the question I have, is there a noticeable difference when you run SLI?
The whole card is encased! ..probably to keep the air flow steady with no dead spots.
I was this... times 4 in my computer. lol
So how does it fit? I got a full tower but no way thats going to work.