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  1. My bass guitar is high up there, but since I hardly have time to play it....right now I would say my car. At least I can drive it and enjoy my trip to and from work.
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm officially back from deployment. Lets Play some COD!

    1. Ol Smoke

      Ol Smoke

      Welcome home missed you

    2. Darketch


      Thanks bro. Now I got to knock the rust off. Figure I've been playing this game for 6 years, it would be like riding a bike.....nope! lol

  3. So I got a MacBook for xmas and purchased COD4 for Mac. Wondering in anyone can step me through moving my COD profile from my Windows 7 machine to my Mac....if that's even possible.
  4. RL has been very busy the past few months! Could be this way until July. Be that as it may, I will get up on the forums and be on the servers all I can!

  5. Made it back sooner than expected....happy gaming!

  6. Sorry for not posting sooner, but I'll be away until mid November due to work. Happy Gaming!

  7. When I lived in Naples, Italy...any event that held up foot-traffic, pickpocketers would get more than ur iPhone. And forget about parking ur car on the street. U'd come back to either damage or broken into car....probably both. Naples has a trash problem, and they throw trash in the streets. Not just a few wrappers....dumpsters of trash. One time we had visitors stay with us. they stayed downtown. the locals protested and set the trash on fire. Which then set a car on fire. And they had to evacuate their hotel.
  8. Congrats....long over due lol

  9. Just want to let everyone know, I'll be off the Servers and Forums this week due to work.

  10. Agree...and if Vettel wins the championship, he'll forever be marked as a backstabber. Vettel was probably looking at it he got the pole and he wanted to finish in first to make sure he had a safety cushion for the season instead of following orders for the team. Hopefully the drama will give my boy Hamilton the edge to move up.
  11. Darketch

    identity thief

    Looks hilarious!
  12. Z, I'm back. Find me on the server. Would love to catch up with ya!

  13. Darketch


    Welcome and Enjoy!

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