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Welding sucks

Posted by =Death Hunter=, 19 August 2011 · 1,081 views

Not only am I a government/military certified tank mechanic. But also a gov military certified welder. Which means the dept right now needs Styker vehicles. Which means I have to weld. And it sucks. This summer in Ohio has broken record. And when it's 99 degrees outdide with 105 heat index and your inside a megastructure (no really our plant was on "Mega Structures" on the discovery channel) with a bunch of ppl welding and grinding and banging crap, then you gotta put on a coat hat and gloves, and get some welding on.... It gets hot. Super hot.

If there are any welders out there tht read this you probably haven't heard of jet pulse welding. These are super manual welders.... Basically the setting is cranked, 1000 inches a min on the wire speed. It's incredible. And incredibly brights. This process can melt your helmet and destroy a pair of welding gloves with ur digits inside in seconds if not don't correctly and cautiously. This is how we weld "things" here. Can't say much more about it. There's also mig, spray, short-arc, tig, etc check out general dynamics land systems on discovery channels videos!

oh yeah and that's why today sucks!!! Welding stryker vehicles puffin down some of this precious manganese, slicon, and iron fumes, sweatin my balls off!!!! It's those little things...

Yep, summer in Ohio this year has blew
tell me about it man. the hottest weekend of the year i had tix to an outdoor music fest for the weekend. The wqeather is weird this year but its coolin off now
dangg becareful bro lol
it's all good yo
Dont jet pulse weld your jiblets to a tank! :o

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