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Member Since 26 Oct 2010
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It came to my attention today that I can't remember the last time I had a pancake. Perhaps the commisary can solve this problem for me. Updated 05 Jan · 0 comments

About Me

The official names DreadBlade goes by list!
- =F|A=Inferno
- DreadBlade
- Dreadcake
- De_Dreadbla
- Crimson_Wolf
- Dreadnought
- Pvt. Prinny
- o<) The FrozenDeathscourge
- The Muffin Man
- Ragnarok
- Phoenix Wrong
- Magnus Von Grapple
- Kurtis 38th Defender of Earth
- Izanagi no Okami
- Funbun
- Capt. Falcon
- Cheesecakenomz
Here's the story of my wolf history and how I came to play on the F|A servers!
It all began on an average May 29th just as any other had before it, many long moons ago. That was soon to change though, for on that day I was born and a new age of hope and light began for humanity! Fast forwards a bit to back when a game called Return to Castle Wolfenstein came out for the personal computer. It was that very game that I took a liking to and played on a regular basis. I mean it had guns, zombies, and Nazi super soldiers, how could anyone not like it? Multiplayer was an especial treat, with its multiple weapons and classes, and objective based gameplay. I had never seen such a thing before in my time, and immediately fell in love. From defending the anti-aircraft gun down to the last hp in depo, to sniping axis in the bunkers on beach with my Mauser rifle, I did it all and enjoyed every minute of it.
Some time later, an expansion known as Enemy Territory graced us all with it's glorious presence and mankind celebrated. I too, likewise took to this new game and have been playing it ever since. With all new maps and new weapons including mortars and semi-automatic rifles, I was overjoyed at the news and decided that ET would be mine! So it came to pass that I downloaded it and started my long trek into the unknown, yet familiar world of Enemy Territory. During my journey through the existence of ET, I met many people, made some friends, and even saved the world from the threat of meteors. I made that last one up, but it adds to the dramatic effect so let's just roll with it.
A few years from the present date in the annals of human history, I joined a clan called EoW. Some of you may have heard of it, as a few F|A members are ex-EoW. There was much merriment and good times between my EoW comrades and myself, and things continued that way, for a while anyways. Unfortunately as they say, all good things end in time, and EoW was no exception. With a horribly inactive leader and a shrinking player base, we admins did what little was in our power to try and stop the oncoming torrent of stagnation of emptiness, but to no avail. In the end, despite our best efforts, EoW admin were forced to sit and watch helplessly as everything we had known for the past years disappeared before our eyes, like a mirage in the desert, fading away, giving way to naught but hopelessness and despair. Some of us, mortified by the inevitable, jumped overboard from the sinking ship to join other clans. Others disappeared, never to be heard from again. Myself, I held on, clinging to the shadows of the past, long after the servers and forums of old dissipated into nothing but memory.
No longer having a home online to call my own, I wandered the streets of ET for what seemed like an eternity. Hours faded into days, days into weeks, weeks into months; every one the same as the last. Servers flew by by like neon signs in a red light district, claiming to be this or that, but delivering nothing but empty promises. I wondered what hope could possibly be left in this barren wasteland for a ronin like myself. I could not give up the search though, I had to persevere, to march on onwards no matter how bleak, towards the dream of one day finding somewhere I could once again find joy in this game.
Even though I had as of yet not achieved my goal, I was not without some modicum of success. There were havens in these digital lands, temporary refuges from the unforgiving wastes. The most prominent of which for me was a server called BB NoQuarter, which opened up a new realm of possibility. In this NQ mod, there were medics running around with FG42s and engineers with BARs; I was amazed to say the least. As much as I enjoyed NQ and to this very day still do, it only partially sated me, but could not fully make the hunger vanish. So once again, I began my search anew.
"F|A", spoke the voice.
Unsure about another new server I asked, "What do you mean? Are you sure it will be a nice place?"
Steadfast in its resolve, the voice continued. "Yes, you will have fun, a lot of us are there now."
The voice belonged to one of my old EoW comrades, a figure from a time that had long passed, but was never forgotten. I was not sure what to say, it was almost too good to be true. If what they said was the truth, then perhaps maybe, just maybe, I would have found a new home, and my long search would have finally come to an end. If not, it would be just another page of disappointment in a book of failed expectations. Even though I could only be grasping at air once again, I had to take a chance. With cautious optimism, I clicked join server and watched with some trepidation as a few pk3s were downloaded. Soon though, the suspense of the loading screen morphed into paradise before my very eyes. In this F|A server, there were players abound, all happily running about the grassy fields shooting each other and there were no bots anywhere to be seen. I do not know for how long I sat in spectator mode, gazing in awe at this new found wonder, but before long it was interrupted by a familiar nickname.
"Hey Dread!" said someone, "Glad you could make it!" Not long after, there were a plethora of V43s spoken, like a warm wave of refreshing ocean water on a hot summer day. I glanced at the names with a sense of shock, recognizing them instantly. They were my friends! My friends were here! I never thought I would see any of them again, but here they were, right in front of me! We all enjoyed laughs and played many maps together, and there was much rejoicing, just like old times. Time is a cruel mistress, and eventually it was time to exit the game for the night, but I vowed to come back to the F|A server, the server of hopes and dreams.
True to my word, I came back to that server, and once again, I played with my friends, laughed, and had a good time. I even made some new friends, who were just as fun loving as we ever were. It seemed that these F|A servers were not a phantom hovering just past the horizon, but were true to my first impressions. The fun times did not cease either, and it seemed at long last my arduous trek was over. With that, I removed my EoW tags, the binding shackles of the past, to look towards the future. They were the epitome of my quest, the symbol of my burden, but I no longer needed them for I had finally found a new place to call home, my search complete.

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