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Kicked by Krayzie

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Hi to all,


    As most of you may not remember me, I'm Razorback and I joined the clan years ago, since I've been inactive for quite a while, I was placed in an "inactive status". However, my son Fearsome is very much active in the game. He plays regularly in this server. He's clean and never play dirty. Krayzie came in and started spectating him  because players named Gavin and a certain guillotine made some claims that Fearsome was cheating. Fearsome was merely using  his skills in listening to enemy footsteps and UAV, coupled with camping. That probably was Krayzie's basis of kicking and temp banned him. Rest assured that fearsome is clean. A 15 year old boy doesn't have the ability to cheat let alone hack.




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I was in server yes, wasn't watching anything though. Was only in server testing some changes, while working in other programs on said changes. Is he still unable to connect?



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What up razor. Gonna give us an update? Seems like a misunderstanding, so let us know if he's having any problems still. Also not saying your kids hacking but one thing is for sure hackers are limited by age or anything lol. Anyways like Krayzie said just let us know so we can help work the problem

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