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Java EE/Spring/Hibernate etc

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Hey, so here I am, trying to learn these things. And I'd like to ask experienced coders in these technologies from which sources get the knowledge, on which put biggest pressure, what be aware of end so on. Would love to get some feedback or tips :)

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This is basically my job.

Well, used to be. Still come into contact with it regularly, but I'm more specialized nowadays.


First step should be making sure you understand the conceps of Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.

Found that this tutorial tends to help a lot of people with Dependency Injection (and IoC).: https://www.journald...xample-tutorial


After that it depends on what you use case is, but generally speaking Spring has some sample code on their website for basically every component.

Most of the things you will run into, will be solved on StackOverflow.

  • Hibernate: try to stick with the JPA specification. Won't be always possible, but helps switching to different ORMs down the line
  • Might be worth looking into Spring Data  (JPA). Adds another abstraction layer to data management.
  • I'm assuming you are using Maven or Gradle (or equivalent): if not => do that.
  • Don't bother with Spring MVC, make REST endpoints and build your front end in Javascript (or be like me: let others build the front end)

You will notice it's really easy to get stuck in the Spring economy. Spring is a behemoth in Java development. But be aware there are other solution ;)


Example: we recently built a microservice architecture based application using Dropwizard and Google Guice. JDBI instead of Hibernate. This had some other fun things like AKKA and Kafka, but don't worry about those just yet :)

I like this stack way more than the standard Spring/Hibernate setup. It makes Spring feel ancient



Don't frequent these forums anymore, but I am on Discord basically 24/7. Feel free to add me there in case you have more specific questions.

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