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  1. When the stairs are too long and you give up during climbing up
  2. It's admins' favourite server, remember we had a lot insurgency nights, where there were ~5/6 FAs playing, I cannot let go that server
  3. I believe that would be a great idea. It would make great division on hardcore and regular servers (#1 and #3 regular, #2 and #4 hardcore). But for now I'm not sure if it can work, as we sometimes have troubles with filling just one pvp server, we need more admins. So, I think it's a good idea, but we need to recruit more players #edit: yay, first post in refreshed forum
  4. Hi, Invocation here

  5. Hi all

    Hello, welcome
  6. Hello to the F/A community

    Hi, welcome to the forum
  7. DOI-Suggestion DOI 2 server suggestions

    #2 on Ins in time of its prime had the best settings - harder than #1, more non-standard stuff (there are ranks in DOI, so it's not obligatory) and only coop maps. I'd love to see #2 on DOI similar to it, so: - hardcore settings - only stronghold
  8. #3 Pvp 10:0 ( I guess k/d ratio is infinite, as x/0 -> inf? ) It's first time I experienced that I wasn't killed during whole round
  9. Hello there

    Hello! Glad to see you here, welcome Hope you will like our forum and people!
  10. "When you don't want to fight anymore and just sit in a Cafe" // thanks to Munchin for giving me time to take this screenshot :v
  11. DOI-Discussion Favourite DOI Gun

    As a german - stg44, otherwise - enfield or m1
  12. To make you more willing to post here I'll share my lame round from today - go on and beat me #3 Pvp, 17:4
  13. DOI-Discussion Day of Infamy Funny/Game Screenshots

    Anyone likes puzzles?
  14. DOI Server suggestions

    Me, RedAngel, Rolan and probably many others have at least one suggestion - remove Flakturn from FA server. Hardly noone likes it, sometimes makes people leave and generally drives us crazy.
  15. I know there's a topic about Black Flag (https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/91192-assassins-creed-iv-free-this-week/), but for 5 days (starting from 18.12.2017) you can also grab Watch Dogs and World in Conflict just by signing on uplay. Don't waste your time and get these games https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/