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  1. liquidfx


    Gotta play a good ol' game of cornhole
  2. liquidfx


    Don't worry, I corn pick it up. It's just a kernel.
  3. liquidfx


    The ol' corndog needs a quick walk
  4. liquidfx


    Do you dress up your corn?
  5. I 2nd that getting stuck in the spring economy. I find myself forgetting some Java/Groovy fundamentals when getting spoiled by some of their annotations and the like. I'm a big fan of Ratpack(Uses Guice for DI) and the newly released Micronaut(Has its own injection something or other) lately as other options. These are good because they allow you some more freedom of what to do with the nuts and bolts if you will instead of insisting on a convention(albeit good conventions for the most part). DrJoske has some really good suggestions here, hopefully they guided you in the right direction.
  6. +1 on this, I really like OVH too.
  7. Puni, did you ever get this going for yourself? I'm curious how you are doing with your class. My CS classes were always my favorite in college.
  8. If you can create C++ projects in your install of VS, do it that way. Just name your source files with the .c extension. For compiling in C, follow this little guide (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb384838.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396) If you aren't required to use VS for C development, check out Codeblocks IDE orVS Code with the c/c++ plugin and compile with mingw64. I used Codeblocks when I was in college, and it worked great for me since they only had emacs on a Solaris install available to us in the lab...
  9. Puni, I would love to help. Any screenshots would be helpful. Can you tell me how you got the install for VS?
  10. There's me doing things at a datacenter I used to physically manage and a picture of my majestic doggo.
  11. nice! this could be super useful if you don't want to use an external hosted service for sure.
  12. With the advent of .NET core, you can use powershell cross-platform which can be handy. However, thats also another added dependency.
  13. At first I read this as Color Blind. But upon further review it is a useful color bind. Thanks. Haha.
  14. Powershell is most definitely the bee's knees. I use it quite a bit since alot of the vendors we deal with have modules for their products. Makes life alot easier!

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