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Discord bot dyno

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We got new bot for music and fun stuff! Well moderation of course ;)

In this tutorial I’ll cover some command usage for Dyno bot

I’ve decided to add new bot because musicbots that we currently have were lagging for some people but I hope this one solves our problems!

First of all the prefix for this bot is "?"



Stop is disabled to avoid removing queue.







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Nice tutorial, can't wait to test it. My first question is: does it lag? Have you tested it already?

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Yes I did. Several users joined and noone had stutter or slowdowns. Hope it stays that way.


As far as I'm aware the only problem is that it doesn't allow adding playlists but the songs you add to the playlist stay even after bot quits voice chat. Also for performance reasons it might stop every now and then. Just make ?play to get him back to your chat and resume playing.


Anyways you'll see how it works on discord.



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