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Discord for Dummies

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Discord for Dummies


Evidently, the activity on Evolve from our members is essentially non-existent. Therefore, some of our lovely, dedicated members have decided to start up a new VoIP server from Discord to act as a universal platform for swift and easy communication within our community.

The benefit with this program is that, if successful, it could potentially nullify the use of both TeamSpeak and Evolve as Discord provides both of the services that TS3/Evolve come with. Thus, making it more organized, compact and practical to use for a gaming clan or a community such as ours as it is much easier to connect with everyone and it all comes in one package. Simple and sweet. Plus it’s FREE!

After a few hours of using it, I can positively say that it is incredible. It has many useful features and a wonderful user-interface that is quite easy to adapt to. So I recommend those that don’t have it, get it!

To make it easier for new comers, I have decided to chip in a bit to the upbringing of our Discord server and produce a lovely, simple tutorial introducing Discord and the basic fundamentals that you will need to know to ensure a more comfortable transition. I will also briefly explain the layout of everything, so you don’t get lost on your first visit. Don’t worry, it has pictures!

Step 1: Download/Installation

To start using Discord, Click Here: https://discordapp.com/

1. Click on the link provided above.
2. To download a local client, select the Download button (RECOMMENDED) or the adjacent button if you wish to use Discord via your browser.
3. After downloading Discord, simply double click on the Discord_Setup program in your download’s folder and run it.
4. Follow all instructions until installation is complete.

Step 2: Creating and Validating Your Account

1. Run Discord
2. To create an account, fill in the empty fields. Like so:


Username: ChickenLeader
Email Address: AntiKarizmatic-atsign-BOLLOCKS.com
Password: **********

3. To validate and confirm your new subscription to Discord, Go to the email that you used to sign up with.
4. You should have received a confirmation email. Open it and follow the directions provided to validate your account.
5. Done! You are all set!

Step 3: Joining a Server

Now you should see something similar to this except you will not be connected to a server……yet:


To connect to a server, click on the ‘PLUS’ sign button located on the left margin of the application, as shown below:


You will see the following:


Click on Join a server and enter the link of the server you wish to join. The link serves as an invite so essentially you can only join a server if you are invited. If you have the invite link, you should be able to join without any issues.

Done! You should be connected to a server!

You can navigate between different servers by simply clicking on the server icon located on the left margin of the program.

Here is the invite link for FA’s Discord server as provided in the Official FA Discord thread: https://discord.gg/jH9Vey2

Step 4: User Settings

It’s a new program and you want to show off your new pretty profile with a sexy picture. But how? You also want to make sure that your security settings are accustomed to the amount of privacy you are comfortable with. Easy!

You also want to start talking with each other and show everyone what a hottie accent you have! So you need to set up your mic and adjust some options to suit your liking.

Click on the cog symbol near the bottom of the window, as shown:

You will come to a window that looks like this:

Refer to the image above for a brief explanation about each setting available for adjustment.

Voice & Speech Set-up

Click on ‘Voice’ to access the speech options. You should see the following.


First you will need to decide whether you want to assign a key to activate your microphone or for your microphone to automatically be active when stimulated by a sound. The safest choice is using “Push-to-talk” as you have more control over what is said over the channel. If you wish to choose “Voice Activity” try and ensure you are by yourself in a quiet environment so you don’t have constant noise being transmitted through your mic disrupting everyone else in the channel anddd you don’t want your mum bursting into your room telling to wash your knickers. Embarrassssssinnggggg.

It all looks pretty similar to how you set-up your microphone on TeamSpeak3 but Discord has a few additional features that you can fiddle with as shown below:


Tweak the settings to your liking to ensure you and your community members have the best experience possible.

To mute and deafen your mic and headphones. You can click on the two icons next the settings button “cog” as shown: post-1-0-61535300-1522432828_thumb.png

Step 5: Introducing Voice & Text Channels

Now that you have set-up your microphone, you are ready to spam! Be it with your voice or via text. The choice is yours.

A unique feature that Discord provides is that the Text and Voice Channels are independent of each other which is very useful. In many cases, you are playing a game with your teammates and you don’t want to leave the voice channel you are in because you might miss vital information and it can mess up your team coordination buttttt you also need to inform everyone, in and out of the channel, of a certain time sensitive issue. Thanks to Discord you can do this! You can remain in your voice channel; connected and still post a comment of whatever to your target audience by going to the relevant text channel. Easy Peazyyyyy Lemon Squeezy!

The Text and Voice channels are located on the left side of the application as shown below. You can change channels by simply clicking on the channel you wish to switch to go to.


-Some Voice channels will require special permissions to access and are usually created for the purpose of discussing private content with a specific group of people.
-Some Text channels will not allow you to comment in but you will be able to view the content of that channel. This is mainly for announcements etc.

Step 6: Interaction & Communication


Now you know where the Voice and Text Channels are, you need to know whether your teammates or friends can hear you. Discord has made it easy to indicate that you are streaming sound from your side by highlighting your name and avatar. A distinct colour will outline your avatar (Green in my case) and your name will change colour. This shows that you’re mic is active. See Image(s) Below:

post-1-0-16296700-1522432844_thumb.png -----------> post-1-0-84875200-1522432826_thumb.png

Now on to typing. To type and post a comment, simply click on the text box near the bottom of the application as shown below:


You can add emoticons to further express your feelings and abhorrent emotions towards other members. You can also use it to activate certain features using special commands. A lot of fun stuff to be learned! Just go and experiment!

Online/Offline list

To see who is online on the server you are connected to, simply look to the right of your application. On the right column it will show the list of Online AND Offline members for that server. Certain settings allow for the segregation of online members into their different role groups. This enables us to locate different members with different roles and permissions more easily. This can be seen below:


Private Messaging & Other Interactions

To interact with a specific person. Right-click on their name. A drop-down menu should appear as shown below:


Here you can choose to do a number of things. You can alter the output volume for this particular person. If he’s talking too loudly, you can lower it and vice versa. You can voice call, send a private message and access their profile page among other things.

An alternative method to send a private message or voice call a friend or a member of the server is by first clicking the icon located in the top left corner labelled “Direct Messages”. See Below:


After clicking on it, you will see a list of your friends with your open Private Messages on the column to the left. To start a new private message with another member. Simply type their username in the search bar located at the top of the left column. Simple. To start a voice call, hover your cursor over the name of the friend you wish to contact. Two icons will appear at the end, one being “start voice call”. Click the phone icon to start the voice call. As shown below:


Tip: For quick Navigation, press Ctrl + K. A window should pop up with a search bar allowing you to quickly type the channel you wish to go to or a member you wish to find.


So as of now, you should know how to join a server. You should know how to talk via text and speech. You should know how to PM/Voice call someone. You should be a little more familiar with the layout and interface of Discord. Basically you should know enough to get you through the first few days without getting lost.
There are a tonne of other features and cool gizmos to learn and experiment with which will take a little more time to familiarize yourself with. Once I’m more up to date with how Discord works and runs. I will make another tutorial on all the extra bits and bobs! Keep a look out!


If you have any questions, you can ask it in the support topic of this tutorial. I will try and reply to them asap!

Thanks for reading!
For extra information on specific areas of Discord, see below for links to additional tutorials created by some of our fabulous members! (Credit to the Creators) 
Game Detection - If a game of yours doesn't register on Discord. Don't fret, follow this guide to manually add this game. We want everyone to see your favourites! 
Discord Overlay - Having problems with Discord's Overlay feature? Take a peek at this detailed yet easy-to-follow tutorial!

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If you think i missed anything or something needs to be edited. Please let me know and ill get to it right away. I just quickly made this since many of us will be using Discord now or in the near future so i thought this would be helpful.


Shout out to everyone running the server. Its really great!

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  1. Fixed a few grammar and spelling mistakes.
  2. Linked this tutorial with Mr.Karizmatic's tutorials for ease of access.

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