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sound problem :(


hi all i hope you are well, look I have a problem with sound. look I explain; a week ago I am unable to fix it and it is on that does not sound when greeting to all (V54) does not sound and does not appear but when I'm on a computer and greeting in private to them if sounds and appears


Someone who can help me please




And as you can see in the picture in the chat me nothing appears :(


Help me please

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/moved to correct forum


Does your other game sounds work ok?  Do you hear the weapons, the explosions and the announcer?


If you don't hear the v54 and other chat-sounds, check the FA-V-sounds-menu for a setting that causes that.  There is a " V 0 , FA-Options" with chats on and off.  Maybe you hit that by accident.


Perhaps you need do do in console " /cg_noVoiceChats 0 ".  If no chat text appears, you can try " cg_noVoiceText 0 ".  

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