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  1. whats up i seen u spying on me .lol how u been hows jiren???The Office Hug GIF

    1. Solberg


      Hi Cap, how are you? Just going to see what is new on their servers, here everything is fine with jiren, working as deliverymen in mobile application, due to the pandemic.regards

  2. here you can clearly see who's boss in the house I call jiren for this and now you're gonna waste it, cheer up
  3. Solberg


    follow these steps @Bryan enter the game but not the server (stay on the main game screen) in the console type: /cl_allowDownload 1 (and enter) /cl_wwwDownload 1 (and enter) after doing that go to jaymod # 2 after you enter jaymod 2 wait a couple of seconds and you exit the server but not the game (return to the game's home screen) press the console button again and write the same /cl_allowDownload 1 (and enter) /cl_wwwDownload 1 (and enter) after doing all that you can enter the silent and NQ server Don_Koenigsegg to serve you
  4. Solberg

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    there will be no christmas package and no christmas maps
  5. respect the style, I'm ready to buy him a renault too
  6. Hello @ScoOfi, my father got a computer and installed the game, I gave him a couple of cfg's and he liked this one but he says that it bothers him that a recording is started at each map start, how do I deactivate that? soon an account will be created in the forums
  7. you have the private account @PassiveStoner
  8. Solberg

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    I demand to be able to choose thompson or mp40 regardless of the team I decide to enter, one of the reasons why I no longer go into jay and I'm addicted to silent and other FA servers
  9. me trying to go back and you going away :(

  10. goodbye to the Audi tt, welcome 208 and pickup car of the company of work
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