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Ol Smoke

A simple PC test exam for you to take.

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Given these stats:


1. CPU  Intel 3.0 GHz i5 processor running at 120°F is running at 3.0 GHz throughput.


Q:  In GHz, how fast will this CPU run at 0° F ?


Q:  In GHz how fast will this CPU run at absolute Zero?



These are actual test questions on an engineering test I saw one time. (I changed the cpu from the original test)



and yes, you can find out on the internet.

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The reason I put this on here?  Read the literature about your CPU.  Check the temperature at which they test the speed of your CPU.

The colder it is the faster it is. Don't believe me, try this test.


Two ways,  Laptop:  set the cpu air inlet over an AC duct and turn the temp to 50°.  Let it get good and cold and play a game.  WOW  you say.

                Desktop:  take the side off and lay it down over the vent and let it run there for 10 minutes...then play the game.


In the old days, last year,  we used duct tubing to route the vent air directly into the PC case right next to the CPU.  Would make a P133 run like a 200.

I am full of old fixes.


By the way,  an Intel i5 3 GHz cpu will run 100 times faster at absolute zero.  Which is about 400 degrees below zero.


That is why MRI units use liquid helium to cool the magnets and wiring in it.

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I thought that it was a trick question.  


Are you saying that a CPU rated at 3.0 GHz will run faster at lower temperatures, even if you don't overclock it or any other components?

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That is exactly what I am saying, Beard.


When you get a chance, go to the intel section on CPU's and then pick one.  Read the fine detail about the speed of the cpu.  You will see somewhere on there

about the temperature at which the cpu was tested.  This was an old cheat they used to use back in the P133 days.  They would test the cpu at 0° and then list

it a that GHz rating.  Then along comes AMD and they start lying about how fast their cpu is rated.  But there was a cheat they did.  They tested the speed by using

the rating coming off the memory that is on the chip, not through the bus.  They also tested their chips at 100° below zero.  They did get caught though and it caused

a huge downfall of that company to overcome later.

We tested this back in 1995.  We built a P200 and put it in this guys freezer.  The next day we pulled it out and fired it up.  I ran my CPU tester and it back that it was

passing test data through the bus at about 280GHz.

This is why there were all those Freon coolers back then. Remember those?  What a joke.

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